Leaves' Eyes, filling in for the Bass spot

It was quite a pleasure to play the bass for Leaves' Eyes. I like providing the low frequenties in a band;
Had an awesome 4 shows with this crew. Here are some pictures.
28-04-16 Rider's Café, Lubeck DE
29-04-16 High Voltage, Copenhagen DK
30-04-16 Effenaar, Eindhoven NL
01-05-16 De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare BE

Leaves' Eyes / with Thorsten Bauer & Pete Streit

Leaves' Eyes / with Thorsten Bauer & Pete Streit

Leaves' Eyes / with Elina Siirala

Leaves' Eyes / with Elina Siirala

ESP/LTD Bass B205-SM

I became the proud owner of this beautiful LTD B205-SM
To play the upcoming shows as a bass-player I decided to go for this one.
Normally I played bass with Liv Kristine on a B1005 deluxe but it became an older model.
Can't wait to play this 5 string monster.

Latin America Tour 2016 TGS

Back home after this amazing The Gentle Storm Latin-America tour.
Always kinda surreal to play in these countries in front of all these beautiful people. Thank you so much!

It was also quite an honour to play alongside Ruud Jolie [Within Temptation]. Mayones Guitars Basses were well presented this tour.
Hopefully see you next time! One love

Brightest Light [live] Audio Mix, Master

Here's a mix I did for a live-video of The Gentle Storm's - 'Brightest Light'.
This was such a fun job to do.

Désespérée / Indulge 2016 New Album

Last two years I've been working on a follow up for the 'Keeps' album.
There was not so much time to work on it and did some sketches on my laptop during tours and small holidays. Somehow it was quite hard to catch a vibe for the album.
I've been struggling with so many demos which didn't really made a 'universal' sound together. Puzzle pieces went straight into the Backup folder as I went along until finally I wrote the missing pieces. Suddenly it made sense and the album became even more personal than I thought. I really love this one.. Writing a dairy is not easy, but it helps so much with personal issues. Indulge.. You can listen to it on this website when it's released. 



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09-06-17 Neushoorn (Warm-up show), Leeuwaren NL
30-06-17 Tuska Open Air, Helsinki FI
14-07-17 Masters Of Rock, Vizovice CZ

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