Producing 'Fearless' Sirens Track

The Sirens is a project of 3 female singers:
Anneke van Gierbergen, Kari Rueslatten and Liv Kristine.
We started touring last october and the live show contains songs of each artist.
There are also some collaborations between the singers.
In november I got asked by Kari to work on a Sirens-song with her and 
try to work out a piano ballad she had called 'Fearless'.
I had to make it more 'rock/metal/dark' and produce it so it could be played by our band.
We mailed several demos back and forth and eventually came to the point
where we had to turn it into an official production.
I asked Joost van Haaren to play the bass on it and Roy Moonen to play the drums.
Finally it got mastered by Alex Krull (Atrocity, Leaves'Eyes).
It was a really cool project and I had to push the limits of my equipment.
Check it out the song and video production here.

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